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Beijing Hope Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hope") builds this website for information exchange and communication. When you visit this website, it means that you have read and agree to abide by all contents of this statement. If you do not accept or disagree with this statement, please stop visiting this website. Hope has the final right to interpret the contents of this website and this statement.

Terms of Use
1. Unless otherwise stated, the website and the copyright and other intellectual property rights formed by its design, style, pictures, copywriting and combination form, belong to Beijing Hope Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and are protected by the copyright law of the people's Republic of China, relevant laws and regulations and relevant international treaties No one is allowed to use or create relevant derivative works in any form with the written permission of station, Hope or relevant right holders.
2. This Site can change this website at any time without further notice, including website design, style, pictures, copywriting and the services and products described in this website, which will take effect immediately. In this regard, you agree to accept any revised part without any objection.
3. You are only authorized to view the content of this website for your personal reference. It is strictly forbidden to use this website or any content of this website for commercial purposes, copy, disseminate, link or publish to other websites in other ways without our prior consent. For the civil disputes, administrative treatment or other losses caused by improper reprint or quotation of the content of this website, this website does not bear the responsibility.
4. In the process of visiting this website, you are not allowed to delete, modify or add any content of this website by any means, and you are not allowed to use this website to endanger national security, infringe national, social, collective interests and citizens' legitimate rights and interests.
5. This Site reserves the right to investigate the legal liability of those who do not comply with this statement or use the contents of this website illegally or maliciously.

Exemption clause
1. This Site will try its best to update the information of this website in a timely manner, but it does not guarantee its accuracy, timeliness, marketability in any form, express or implied, and does not assume any responsibility related to it.

2.The products protected by patent in the product catalogue of this website are for laboratory analysis or R&D purposes, and shall not be sold to any countries and regions with patent protection. If the risk and liability of patent infringement caused by this will be borne by the buyer.

3. This Site does not guarantee that the functions of this website will not be delayed, interrupted, display errors and other operational failures, or cannot be accessed normally due to hacker attack, computer virus invasion, temporary shutdown caused by government regulation and other force majeure, and does not guarantee the repair time. This Site will not be liable for any losses caused by this situation.

If you have any doubts about the terms of this statement, please email us : zanggaojing@hopelife.cn.


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